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21st July 2021

Practice Update

re. Coronavirus

  • Covid Vaccination: Some staff members as well as some patients attending this practice might not be vaccinated due to ineligibility, medical contraindications/ exemptions or personal preference.

  • To keep everyone safe, strict infection prevention control measures are in place and all of our staff will be wearing the appropriate level of PPE. We are doing lateral flow tests on staff and practitioners regularly.

  • Patients who experience the following symptoms, even after having been fully vaccinated are kindly asked not to come into the clinic until they have had a negative covid test: Headache; sneezing; sore throat; runny nose - much like a cold or hay fever.


2nd November 2020

Practice Update

re. Coronavirus

​​Dear Patients,

We hope you have all kept well in these bizarre times and are managing to keep life interesting and bearable.

As you may know from our last website announcement, because classed as an essential service, we have been able to open the clinic, while taking care to maintain safety standards and alertness. In practical terms, for the time being, this will mean in our clinic:


  • We will be wearing masks, gloves and protective clothing.

  • We will ask patients to take their shoes off on entering.

  • We will ask patients to wash their hands in the recommended way on entering.

  • We will check their temperature.

  • We will ask patients to wear a mask and not undress.

  • We will ask patients not to come in for treatment if they have any Covid-19 related symptoms, however mild.

  • We will ask patients to remain in quarantine for 14 days before making an appointment with us if they have experienced any Covid-19 related symptoms or for a week after any of their house sharers have shown any symptoms.

  • We will be spacing out appointment times to allow social distancing and for cleaning in between patients.

  • The treatment rooms now have the treatment couch back to the bare vinyl to allow cleaning between patients and a full couch paper covering will be applied for each consultation.

  • We will avoid using blankets for the same reason.

  • The practice will be cleaned thoroughly many times a day for your and our safety.

  • I recommend to not arrive before or after allocated appointment time to allow a clear passage for each person.

  • Reception care will happen mainly remotely and some on the day by the osteopath.

You can book appointments online for Alison Owen, Rehana Kapadia and Kate Belle-Fortune here.

Treatments are for 45 minutes and the osteopaths take 15 minutes between those treatments to carry out thorough sanitising of the treatment space.


All other bookings can be made by e-mail to tufnellparkosteopaths@gmail.com, including your full name, preferred treatment dates and times and the name of the osteopath you wish to see, or please text the clinic mobile 07732955812 and mention how you may best be contacted.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any concerns.

Best wishes as ever in these challenging times,

Hedwig Verdonk and the team at the Tufnell Park Osteopaths

Our Story

Welcome to the Tufnell Park Osteopaths web site. Hedwig Verdonk has been running a practice in Tufnell Park since 1987 and offers treatments by herself and associates.


Osteopathy is a whole body treatment and the title osteopath, like doctor, is protected by law. To be able to practise as an osteopath requires a minimum of four years of training plus 1,000 hours of clinical student practice.


The practice specialises in cranial osteopathy, a particularly effective and gentle form of treatment suitable for even very delicate patients.


"Osteopathy regards the body as having the inherent capacity to self-regulate. However, we all need a helping hand at times of stress or injury."

Osteopathy regards the body as offering the inherent capacity to self-regulate and repair. However, we may need a helping hand at times of stress or injury to overcome strains and growing pains.


Hedwig and her associates are all highly experienced and she and others in the practice also teach osteopathy.  All those in the practice are dedicated to the lifelong study of osteopathy and attend regular postgraduate training courses to develop their understanding and skills and explore the potential for osteopathy to support the body’s healing.  


Further treatments available are acupuncture and flower essences. 

Hedwig and her associates are all highly experienced and she and others in the practice also teach osteopathy. 



8a Dalmeny Road (Lower Ground)


N7 0HH

For any queries, please phone reception. All appointments are made by phone or in person