‘Hedwig has a unique ability, a great team and is fantastic with babies, helping to settle them after the journey, really helping with sleeping and colic and all those things. I am constantly recommending her to parents at the Little Angels Nursery.’

Caroline Thompson


‘I tried everything for my crippling chronic migraines before being introduced to Hedwig’s practice, which were completely resolved by cranial osteopathy. It was life changing. Twenty years later I continue to go for any health related issues, from a broken knee to sports injuries. It is a wonderful restorative experience every time and always my first port of call to recommend to friends and loved ones.

‘I’ve just had a baby and taking him to see Hedwig was the first and most important thing I did after leaving the hospital. A series of treatments worked wonders for his acid reflux.’

Daisy Shields


‘I had tried other, much higher intervention osteopaths than Hedwig, but sessions with her make it clear that with much less fuss and discomfort, she gets equally good if not better results than more uncomfortable practitioners.’

Philip Whale


"Hedwig is one of the best osteopaths I have come across with a unique skill treating a wide range of issues from the after effects of a long and difficult birth to chronic joint problems such as neck and hip. I would unhesitatingly recommend her. "

Liz Cottam 


“I have been fortunate enough, as have my family and many friends, to receive the care and expertise that Hedwig offers for many years. With her gentle and intuitive touch Hedwig has ‘disappeared’ what might be termed everyday back pain, helped recovery after squash injuries, minimised tension and pain around a problematic lower back disc and supported overall well-being. We all recommend her unreservedly, and are grateful for someone with the depth of her experience and her friendliness.”

Harriet Spicer


"I have been receiving treatment from the Tufnell Park Osteopaths since 1998.  Initially Hedwig gently addressed the issue of a very painful shoulder sustained after a marathon run. She also found a way of successfully dealing with the loss of body symmetry after activities like dancing tango and whirling dervish.  I highly recommend the practice with its holistic approach to relieving stiffness and pain.”

Aysegul Onat